Razin Kane Monster Trucks to perform at American Outlaws Live

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The Razin Kane Monster Truck team will be performing at American Outlaws Live on May 6-7.

Some info about the Trucks:
Now running a multi­ Monster Jam truck® team and driving XTERMIGATOR® in Monster Jam competition, J.R. McNeal started his Monster Jam career driving his first truck, RAZIN KANE®. RAZIN KANE® actually started out as mud racing truck. Being the competitive person that. McNeal is he decided why not step up to the top and make a career with it and he did just that creating Razing Kane, and later adding to the team fleet of Monster Jam trucks with ICE CREAM MAN® and then XTERMIGATOR®.

Current Driver: Buddy Tompkins
Motor: Blown Big Block Merlin with Littlefield 8­71 Blower
Horsepower: 1700 AP Built by Central Florida Machine & Speed
Transmission: FTI Built Two Speed Power Glide
Suspension: Custom 4 Link with In House Nitrogen Shocks
Running Gear: 20 ton Pettiebones with Custom F106 Axles
Tires: 66” BKTs