American Outlaws Live Rules

Outlaw Big Tire

  • No funny car chassis

Outlaw Small Tire

  • 28″ x 105″ tires or smaller
    • No “W” tires allowed
    • 275/60/15 or 28 x 10.5 Pro Bracket OK
  • No wheelie bars
  • Stock suspension or back half only. No chassis cars

Outlaw True Street

  • Bolt in front end in factory location okay
  • Must have Stock Firewalls can be notched for clearances if needed
  • Working Headlamps and Tail Lamps
  • Ladder Bars Allowed
  • No wheelie bars
  • Power adders not limited
  • Tire sizes:
    • M/T 275 Drag Radial (PRO OK) Hoosier Quick Pro 28×11.5
    • ET Street R Bias-Ply Tire 28 x 11.5R15
    • M/T ET Streets 28×11.5 Or┬áSMALLER DOT TIRE
    • NO 315 Drag Radial or ANY Slicks
  • 25 to 30 Mile cruise
    • If you have to pull over to service your car or do not make it┬áback to track before official starter vehicle you will be disqualified
    • Once back to track you will be given approximately 45 min-1 hour before 1st round